Need to grow fast? Use Sword Recruitment

Why and how Sword Recruitment Specialists labour hire works.

Sword Recruitment Specialists provide labour hire in the mining and construction industries. Labour hire is a way to grow your business fast for a particular project, whether it be in the mining or construction sector, without increasing the overheads, admin staff or changing insurance policies. Basically, it is the concept of outsourcing a business’ recruitment process to a third party, us. Sword Recruitment Specialists labour hire option, will then take care of the sourcing and onboarding of a flexible workforce, making it a seamless and viable way of increasing staff numbers. SWORD run the entire hiring process; advertising, sourcing, interviewing, selection and reference checking, whilst also taking care of the payroll, superannuation, insurances and required taxes etc. This is all done for an inclusive fee with the ease of 1 invoice emailed weekly for all works completed. It is important to recognise that the construction/mining work force Sword provides, are employed on a casual basis and actually work for Sword Recruitment under our EBA agreement.  There is no need to be concerned about having to provide ongoing work after the completion of any project, as the staff are employed for that particular project or part thereof.


There are many benefits to using Sword Recruitment Specialists;

  • We have very strong database of over 7400 + candidates: With Strengths in Trade, Construction Civil, Mining & Commercial, (base build and fit out professionals) not including our white-collar professionals.
  • Our user-friendly database allows Sword to access applicants that can be selected at a push of a button and instantly notified of job opportunities via text or email.
  • We manage the staff for you and confirm all site details, making it easy for you to move candidates between sites, having them work when and where you need the extra assistance.
  • There isn’t any long-term commitment for consistent hours for the workers. All our construction and mining staff know they are employed on a casual basis and enjoy the flexibility. You are only charged for the work they do.
  • It is easy, we pay the guys and then invoice you each week. (Takes all the time away from you so you can concentrate on your core business)


Sword Recruitment is an equal opportunity employer. We understand people have all different skills and attributes and we match these with the available opportunities. We find that people like to work for Sword as they have the opportunity of working at different construction or mining sites and for different companies, keeping their working life varied and interesting. Sword employees know they will be paid above award wages and are appreciated for the work they do.

If this process could be beneficial to your business and save you valuable time or you would like further information, please check out our website, like our Facebook page  or please contact Denise for a confidential conversation.